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Eco Kayak Tours

Explore Clam Cove

In 2020, the Township acquired Clam Cove Reserve, a 24 acre area of coastal marshland in Holgate, not too far from the field station. This marshland patch is a sanctuary for diverse plants and wildlife, and is home to many terrapin nests during mating season.

In the summer, you can take a bring-your-own kayak tour of Clam Cove with Field Station Manager, Angela Andersen. Enjoy a paddle on the bay while learning the story of the reserve & spotting some wildlife up close!

Wednesdays July 5 – Aug 23, 9:00-10:15am.

Registration is required for this event, 6 spots available per session. Please bring your own kayaks!

Info on arrival: Please meet at the field station with your kayaks for this event. We have a kayak launch point across from our facility. If you would like to kayak to the field station, that is also fine! We can meet you at the launch point, or near Clam Cove if you let us know beforehand.