LBI Monofilament Recycling Locations

  • Holgate Parking Lot – Next to public restrooms;
  • Beach Haven Marlin and Tuna Club (420 N Pennsylvania Ave Beach Haven);
  •  East 13th Street, North Beach Haven, Beachfront;
  • Jingles Bait & Tackle Shop (1214 N Bay Ave North Beach Haven);
  • Spray Beach Yacht Club (23rd St Spray Beach);
  • East 34th Street Beachfront;
  • E 66th Ave Beachfront;
  • 31st St Ship Bottom, Beachfront;
  • Fisherman’s Headquarters – No bin but will accept used monofilament;
  • Surf City Bait & Tackle 317 Long Beach Blvd, Surf City;
  • East Coast Avenue, Loveladies, Beachfront

For information on monofilament recycling and to learn more check out:

Picture Credit: The Sandpaper